The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing

Once you have been accepted into the âme pure® affiliate program, you will receive a unique tracking link that corresponds to the website. This affiliate link will track a sale made through your efforts. When you post your link in a YouTube video, blog post, Facebook, etc., anyone who clicks on it will be re-directed to the âme pure website. From there, if the viewer decides to purchase a product, you will receive commission from the order they place.

Your tracking link consists of + your unique tracking number (Affiliate ID):

Whether it is through a banner advertisement, product review, or giveaway, it is up to the affiliate to decide which marketing strategy works best for their viewers. Affiliate marketing is a great tool for bloggers and YouTubers to use and is very easy and flexible to work with. There are no requirements or restrictions about how often or how much you talk about âme pure®, but generally you will earn more income from the program the more you promote it. As an affiliate, you are âme pure’s sales force, and we depend on you to get the word out about our products! In return, we are more than happy to compensate you through monthly commissions and bonuses.

It is important to know basic affiliate terminology that you will read throughout the âme pure® Affiliate Blog. Below you will find terms that appear in many posts, newsletters and websites about affiliate marketing:

An affiliate is an independent marketer who promotes a business and is paid on a performance basis.

A text link embedded with an affiliate’s unique tracking code.

A hyperlink that leads to a specific product page instead of the homepage.

The affiliate marketing method used by âme pure Affiliates receive 15% commission on every completed sale generated by a new customer.

These groups are created in focus for all âme pure web-shops, differentiating unique marketing strategies for each market separately.

Otherwise known as a Social Security Number (SSN). A Tax ID is needed for US citizens/permanent residents when applying to the âme pure® Affiliate Program.

The rules and regulations that an affiliate must agree to and follow in order join and remain a member of an affiliate program. You can access the Sigma Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions here.