Blogger Ambassador Agreement

Ame pure offers a partnership to any Instagram, YouTube, Blogger, Facebook, etc. account owner who is active in its social profile(s) thus influencing the followers. By partnership, we understand that Ambassador (You) requests, and âme pure (We) provide You with a free Product(s) in return of Your product review.

To become an âme pure® Ambassador and review our products, You must agree on the following:

  • You must apply for Affiliate Program and get your unique ID Account – any links to âme pure® needs to be affiliate links.
  • After receiving free product for review purposes, You are obligate to do the following:

1. You have to write a blog post/Instagram post/Facebook post or make a YouTube video. It is important that You show the product on the video or make a self picture together with the product. Besides that, we request that You explain your followers what the treatment is good for and link to âme pure® web shop using your Affiliate link.

2. We’d appreciate if you wrote a blog post or make a video where You share your experience about the product you are reviewing.

3. Your before & after picture is expected as well!

  • Brand Ambassador promoting âme pure® will do so in an honest, sincere and legal manner, using the means of promotion advised to them.
  • You will work in a manner that reflects and upholds the reputation of the company.
  • Any actions of methods or promotion which âme pure® deems as contradictory of disparaging to the brand’s reputation may result in the termination of Your Brand Ambassador’s and Affiliate’s status.
  • Brand Ambassador must not modify or change the appearance of any âme pure® promotional material without permission from us.
  • Once the review is done, please send the text, pictures, videos to us to

Âme pure® agrees to the following:

  • Âme pure will pay Brand Ambassadors commission on each paid-for sale, using their individual ID code.
  • Âme pure will issue Brand Ambassadors with promotional guidelines.
    Âme pure is not responsible for any Brand Ambassador who breaches these guidelines.
  • Âme pure will communicate with Brand Ambassadors on a regular basis.
  • Âme pure will send Your requested Product for free, covering all shipping costs.
  • Âme Pure reserves the right to suspend Brand Ambassador activity at any time.

By Requesting a Product thus applying to the âme pure® Brand Ambassador Program, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

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