Âme pure carries a specially formulated luxury skincare products. As the market growth, we are looking for brand ambassadors to work closely with our brand. As a brand ambassador, you get rewarded for doing what comes naturally, talking about the products and services that you’re passionate about.

At âme pure, we believe in the power of social media and the conversations that are taking place every day. Ambassadors are vital to our brand and our relationship with our consumers. Âme pure gains significant insights from our ambassadors and we respect the time and effort behind every post. In other words, we value you and our relationship with you.

What does an âme pure Brand Ambassadors do?
Share their love for our brand with the world in ways that benefit our brand, the Ambassador, and their audience. We plan to work individually with each Ambassador to figure out how the relationship can be mutually beneficial. Typical tasks would include blogging, social media, giveaways, new product promotion and more.

How does âme pure choose its Ambassadors?
Not just anyone can be an Ambassador. We want the best of the best. That’s why choosing someone to represent âme pure is a lengthy and time-consuming task — but well worth it. We are careful in our selection and choose to partner with people we believe match our brand approach.


The Inspirational: We want people who inspire others to look after themselves. Your approach to take care of your body should help motivate others to make a positive change in their lives.

The Enthusiastic: Enthusiasm is contagious. We want your passion for a healthy and self-care lifestyle to infect others. Even if you are not an expert, your enthusiastic story can be invaluable.

The Authentic: We are not looking for someone unrealistic, you only have to have an authenticity. We want someone who is honest and candid when sharing their story with the readers.

The Influential: We’re looking for people who have a substantial following on one or more social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ Instagram or Tumblr. Our Ambassadors must have their own blog or website.

Above all, you should have a positive attitude: This is the foundation of our company and will always be the cornerstone of our brand.