The Value of Deep-Linking

One of the most effective affiliate strategies is to use deep-links. A deep-link is a hyperlink that leads to a specific page on a website other than the home page. For example, the generic âme pure® link is, and the deep-link for the CIT Face Roller Basic treatment is

Use deep-links to improve your affiliate conversion rate and sales!

Deep-links convert two times better than generic links! That means you can double your chance of generating a sale by simply using a deep-link instead of generic link. When you bring your customers directly to the information they want, you are greatly increasing your chances of making a sale!

Creating Deep-links

It is an easy process to create a deep-link leading to a specific product page using your affiliate link. Simply find the URL you would like to deep-link, and paste it into a field under “Automated Link Creation” on the Custom Tracking Links / Create Deep-links found on your account dashboard Menu.

For additional support, contact us or you can always refer to the iDevAffiliate Training Materials on your Affiliate account which contain helpful information!